Friday, April 23, 2010


Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you... Happy Birthday Dear Sachin, Happy Birthday to you!

SRT turns 37 today. Tomorrow, he plays one of the more high-profile matches of his career (hopefully). And win it (again hopefully).

At this age of 37, he is certain to achieve and break a few more records in cricket... nothing satiates him. He will soon become the most-capped Test player in history (he is just 2 short of overtaking Steve Waugh's record). He will add more runs and more runs and more runs. He will score more tons and more tons and more tons. He will end the IPL as the Orange Cap holder. He might possibly show a bit more Twenty20 magic at the Champions League Twenty20.

But most importanly, (again hopefully) he will, at this age of 37, win India just her 2nd One Day International World Cup in front of his home crowd at the Wankhede Stadium, Mumbai. Life would reach a full circle for him then.

I read a report just now that quoted Dhoni as saying: "Sachin was born to play cricket." Indeed!

If I were to meet him today, then what would I give him as a birthday present? I have no clue... but I would certainly want to give him something that expresses heartfelt gratitude for being Sachin!

He might not celebrate a very comfortable birthday with those stitches... he cetainly won't be shaking a lot of hands! But he would definitely love to have some real good reason for a post-birthday celebration. The task will be difficult if he is not fit enough to play on the 25th... but fingers crossed (mine, not his), he will play and win!

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