Friday, October 1, 2010


1. Shane Watson reaching his 100 off 258 balls... and I used to think that he was an opener in the Matthew Hayden mould, rather than Simon Katich!

2. How come Watson celebrated in such a sober manner on reaching 3-figures? No obnoxious smiling or anything annoying... Some relief for him nudging his way out of his infamous trysts with the nervous 90s...

3. How much money was Ishant Sharma paid for his 8 no-balls?

4. When will MS Dhoni next win a toss for India in his whites?

5. When was the last time Australia scored less than 225 over an entire day of batting? Or for that matter, spent an entire session of 33 overs strolling at less than 1.5 runs per over for 45 runs?

6. Good old David Shepherd would have cursed the Australians (Watson, North and Paine in particular)... they were stuck on 222 for 30 deliveries!

7. Finally, it was great to see Cheteshwar Pujara on the field during a Test match... even if it was only in the role of a substitute fielder!

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Sanya - England Cricket Blog - said...

About no.1....
He used be, but I guess he values Tests more than one-dayers. Some players have changed their game - from scoring at a run rate of 60, they have gone to 80 - to excel and to secure their place in one-day and twenty20, some others have done vice-versa - from the strike rate of 80 to 60. Strauss, Trott have changed their batting to be more suitable for Tests though Strauss has recently been wonderful in one-day too. Alastair Cook smacks it all around the park in county, to play one-dayers for England.

About no.3...
Lol but match-fixing is just so bad that I don't think it should be mentioned unless necessary. Ishant Sharma has always been crap.

About no.4...
Again Lol.