Monday, January 24, 2011


A year ago, a new cricket blog appeared on blogosphere. CRIC - SIS. In a virtually unknown world, I had gotten off the mark!

The world is more familiar now, and when I look back at the time I have spent over blogosphere, it seems somewhat surreal. A year ago, I did not know most of you... in fact, I still may not know most of you... but I do know that there exists one thing in common between us... the love of a game called Cricket, and the fact that we have our own strong and passionate views about it.

Over the year, I have had many readers - family, friends, bloggers, associates, casual readers, et cetera. And I must thank each one of you for making me feel at home in the blogosphere and the support you all have shown for CRIC - SIS. Moreover, a special thank you to everyone who has had something to comment about on whatever I have managed to write... you guys deserve a special mention... so here goes (alphabetically) - Ali, Aneesh, Ankits (more than one, hence the s), Christopher, Cricsphere, Dean, Elegantstroke, Golandaaz, Govind, Greyblazer, Half Tracker, Mahek, Mayank, MWSW, Namya, Sanya, Siddharth, Sidthegnomenator, Soulberry, Straight Point, Sunny, Tracer007, Wes, and if there is any name I have missed out, please do two things - forgive me and remind me unhesitatingly because you guys deserve my gratitude!

I must also put in a word of acknowledgement for a few of my friends who have not read my blogs all that consistently (for the lack of fondness of reading or for the lack of fondness of cricket or both), but have been very encouraging about this nasty habit of mine to bore them about my latest cricket opinions and about what my next / previous blog(s) will be / were about. Thank you, everyone!

I hope I can continue boring / entertaining (take your pick) you for a long time to come and together we can always celebrate the game of CRICKET!


sunny said...


Lots of visual cake and candy for your blog birthday, enjoy! :)

Keep nicely motoring alone for the next years.

And thanks for the mention.


straight point said...

Happy b'day to your blog... And may you keep blogging more about cric than sis... ;)

Anonymous said...

congrats....keep up the good work, and thanx for the mention!

Govind Raj said...


Keep going on !

Even I completed 1 year. But never remember dates. I rarely look back once I am finished with a post. But I know that isn't a great habit. Have a lot to learn from you, GB, and the whole BCC! community !

And yeah, thanks for remembering me. Quite often even I don't remember me. Just remembered something to do with BCC! :-)

Unknown said...

Thank you, Sunny, SP, Tracer and Govind!

SP, like you even I do hope that there is more cric than sis (especially during the World Cup). The last World Cup was more sis than cric... right till the final day!

Govind, I am sure I am missing something, but what exactly is MHRTD? With things that I usually do not know, I run a google search. A google search for MHRTD gave me a result, amongst others, of a Pokemon adoptables website (whatever than means)! I am sure that wasn't what you meant here...

But in any case, thank you once again to everyone!

Golandaaz said...

cool! keep on blogging.

thanks for the mention and happy birthday to your blog!

Unknown said...

Thank you, Gol! All you guys deserve a mention for having put up with me...

Freehit said...

Firstly, thanks for the mention Shri.

Secondly, your blog is just one year old...? srsly..?

Didn't you cross 300 blog posts a while back..??

You wrote 300+ in an year, now that is a remarkable achievement, because I started blogging regularly since May 2010 and have managed only around 50 posts in the year.

Fantastic, hope we all keep blogging/discussing/fighting together. :)

Siddharth said...

Congrats Shridhar!! Keep it going, all your posts have been a interesting read.

and thanks for the mention and hope it was me only whom you mentioned

Govind Raj said...

Many Happy Returns of The Day :-)

Unknown said...

Thank you Mayank for the kind words... even I do wonder sometimes about how I managed to stack up 300 posts... Am I really that idle!! ;)

Yes it was you who was mentioned up there, Sid bro! Thank you!

Thank you, Govind!

esha said...

I proudly proclaim that I am one of those friends who is 'not' a regular reader of your blog due to the obvious lack of interest!!! My inbox is always flooded with alerts about your persistent blogging spree..
I am however very proud that you pursued this passion with great perseverance and enthusiasm. I hope you continue doing so. If you remember my words (a few years ago) I told you ki you must and must make something out of this; and indeed I am happy and delighted at this beginning. Wish you many more blogs and bigger things to come!
And I must also compliment you on one thing: at a point in time (again a few years ago)you even got 'ME' also interested in cricket(which obviously was shortlived, yet remarkable!!!)
I want to write more, but I think I ll leave it at that!

Unknown said...

Thank you, Esha (though I really don't ever recall you being 'interested' in cricket ever)!

But thank you once again!