Thursday, July 21, 2011


It might not be what you think, mate!
Shane Warne may consider himself an expert in predicting the result of England v. India matches after he famously tweeted his prediction of a 'tie' in the World Cup 2011 group match between the two teams.

For the soon-to-being Pataudi trophy too, Warne has laid out his prediction - and it goes 1-0 in favour of England. Bold prediction that!

Over the last 10 years, India has failed to win a Test match on an away tour only thrice - South Africa in November 2001, New Zealand in December 2002 and Pakistan in January 2006. The last one was the most unexpected one, since we did not really play badly on that tour... just somehow contrived to lose it.

The point to note is that on all those occasions, India was nowhere close to being the team it is today. The opponent on this tour is tough - very tough! But it was no different a few months back in South Africa.

If India does win 1 Test on the tour, then England will need to win 3 to become the World No. 1 Test team. That is near impossible, for a variety of reasons, one of them being the rain-affected English 'summer'. In fact, as I type this, my Twitter timeline tells me that it's drizzling on-and-off at Lord's!

But why even think of England winning 3? I'm hoping that India win the Pataudi trophy once again... and if that does not happen, at least retain it! Lets get it going...

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Govind Raj said...

It WILL not be what he thinks.

Tie tie Phis !