Monday, January 23, 2012

AT 2

CRIC - SIS turns 2 today! I have not been very active on this blog or on Twitter for about last 6 months. As a result, while I had posted almost 300 blog entries in my first year of existence on blogosphere, I have done only about 100 in this second year. This is No. 398th!

I have been caught up in a lot of other things away from blogosphere and twitter causing the lower returns of the second year. Though I do have the satisfaction of having received a lot more hits on these last 100 than I received on the first 300!

I believe I'll manage to be a lot more frequent over my third year, because not being so means missing the company of a lot of brilliant minds, whose comments on this forum and banter over at Twitter has become an excellent company to have at all times! I could never have imagined 2 years ago that there will be so many different people all around the world whom I have never seen by face, but will always relate to them by their Twitter handles and Display pictures!

To all the readers that I have had for these two years, Thank You! It's fun writing about cricket, because when you follow it passionately, the excesses spill out in the form of words. But it's even better to see people read and acknowledge what you have written - whether they agree or disagree from your point of view! Thank you, once again!

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