Friday, February 26, 2010


I have just read a wonderful post by Sambit Bal, the editor of Cricinfo, titled Tendulkar breaks Cricinfo records. Just when you start thinking what else remains, Sachin Tendulkar comes up with something new.

Sambit Bal says that Cricinfo recorded its highest traffic on the day when Sachin broke the 200 barrier in ODIs. He mentions that when Sachin was a couple of runs away from the mark, the viewer traffic became so large that it crashed a couple of Cricinfo servers.

One interesting thing that he mentions is that Cricinfo recorded the highest number of unique users from United States of America on 24th February 2010. When Sachin scored his first 100 runs in that match, the sun had not risen in USA. And the country was just waking up when Sachin blasted his last 100 runs in 57 balls.

So there you go, SRT robbed a number of his fans based in the USA from sleep. Not that they would mind it!

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