Wednesday, February 3, 2010


Reading my posts on this blog, one would think that I am obsessed with Pakistan cricket. The truth is that I am. There are a few things that are guaranteed every time Pakistan plays cricket: plenty of amusement and lots of controversies.

I have already posted a couple of blogs regarding the latest piece of amusing controversy: Shahid Afridi's bite. What amuses me even more is the kind of reactions that have been generated, especially from one former Pakistan captain and reputed commentator Ramiz Raja.

Ramiz Raja has said that the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) must set up an inquiry committee to look into the reason(s) why Afridi committed such an act. "It is not a small matter and needs to be looked into as it should never have happened."

Tell me one thing Mr. Ramiz Raja, what do you want the inquiry committee to ask Afridi? He has already admitted that he is embarassed by the incident. Or do you want the inquiry commitee to probe on his daily diet, and what did he eat during the mid - innings break that day, and find out the cause for his sudden hunger? In such a case, the PCB might need to set up a committee that includes dieticians.

May be he wants the PCB to send a team of chefs on tour with the cricket team wherever they go, so that the players do not remain hungry and do not resort to eating cricket balls.

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