Wednesday, September 22, 2010


Lalit Modi and Suresh Kalmadi.

Similarities -

Two sports administrators in India. Two extremely dislike-able men. Two men who have had to handle big responsibilities - the Indian Premier League and the Commonwealth Games respectively. Two men currently embroiled under charges of scams and corruption. Two men who always claim that they will deliver the very best.

Difference -

One delivers what he promises. The other shames himself, others and the entire country by proving himself to be an incompetent and irresponsible administrator.

Now let me make it clear... whatever good I may write about Lalit Modi in this blog, make no mistake, I dislike that man completely! I usually despise men who have an air of arrogance about them... and Lalit Modi makes that list! But when I compare him to Suresh Kalmadi, I have to admit that he's the better administrator... by miles.

Lalit Modi has also made outrageous statements in the past. His methods and techniques have always been questionable. But there is no denying that whatever he promised, he delivered on that. Most, including me, scoffed at the idea of IPL moving to South Africa. But he made it happen and delivered a very well-organised and well-managed IPL there.

And now Suresh Kalmadi. For months now, I have been reading about his promise of delivering the "Best Games Ever". The situation now is such that we don't even know if he will be able to deliver any "Games"... let alone the best ones ever. Not one of his claims have yet been vindicated. He made a fool out of himself when he claimed that Usain Bolt will participate at Delhi 2010, only to hear Bolt's agent announce next that the star athlete will not be competing here.

I do not understand why men as incompetent as Kalmadi or Ijaz Butt take up such big responsibilities when it is obviously apparent that they are not up for it. What pleasure do they derive in bringing shame and disrepute to their respective countries!

With CWG just a few days away now, many countries have issued warnings and deadlines to the Organising Committee (OC) to meet their standards in safety, security, health and sanitation. A friend of mine remarked that it would still be understandable if the Games were to be called off due to security issues. The world today is truly a dangerous place to live in and security is a genuine concern. But to hear that the Games may be called off due to issues such as cleanliness, health and sanitation is downright shameful!

As is all this is not enough, a member of the OC has the courage to give explanations to the media saying that everyone has different standards for cleanliness and sanitation, and therefore, this should not be regarded as a big issue.

Bullshit! The Games are on the verge of being called off due to such issues and we are not supposed to regard them as big. We want India to become a superpower with our booming economy, we want India to be a permanent member of UN's Security Council... but when we are given a responsibility that in itself is also an honour, we perform so dismally that it shames not only us, but even those who thought that we deserved such an opportunity.

Irrespective of whether we find some quick-fix measures to conduct the Games smoothly or not, one thing is certain. India is not likely to be given an opportunity to host any big event any time soon. And we would be huge buffoons if we even approach the concerned authorities for another such chance any time soon.

I really hope that Mr. Suresh Kalmadi and Mr. Ijaz Butt and the like are really brought to task for their brand of buffoonery. The axe needs to fall now! Enough is enough!


Sanya - England Cricket Blog ( said...

lol. That is so funny. How did that the topic of this post come into yout mind? Well Lalit Modi does his job well but bad job. I mean he has just spoiled cricket through IPL. He is the more successful vamp lol.

Soulberry said...

Once when I was younger and filled with good energy, there was opportunity for me to be frustrated by my attempts to implement certain responsibilities I was given. When I was in discussion with one of my senior administrators, who incidentlly used to and has done, fabulous jobs of implementing important projects and undertakind restructuring, he told me one of his 'secrets' - he said if I wanted to sell all the wheat I had reaped without losing a single grain, I would probably miss the market.

He introduced to me the concept of accounting for 'wastage' in planning and implemenmtation. The margin to be set aside for the inevitable loss while getting a job done. Ten percent, he told me, I must forget I ever had with me...let the birds and rats be satisfied with ten percent of the grain but that will ensure that 90% will be available for you and that then is upto you to utilize.

I have realized that in the society I live in, birds, rats and worms also live and cannot function without their due. In trying to ensure the entire 100% reaches the end-users of my responsibility, I stand to see most of it rot and a very poor percentage of work implemented by those whom I entrust with.

Now, things have gone very much bad from those days when my senior gave me this practical advice. Now, in the society I live in, the birds, rats and worms have multiplied in numbers and greed. They are also no longer have any urge to work despite having enough grain to eat. It wasn't that way before...the rats and worms and birds would actually begin to help projects fructify, by either contributing or staying away from disrupting them, once they had their grain. Now, nobody wants to work...even after fill.

They lie in a stupor caused by the cancer of greed in their minds, with their mouths open, bellies reaching sky high, arms and legs dangling uselessly beside them....keep pouring grain into that open mouth but he will not stir. Keep pouring even Ganga jal into that open mouth, the stupor will not clear away.

So projects remain half-hearted or even lesser-hearted than half.

CWG is a visible sign of this disease in our society.

Asiad had its own share of consumption...must have...but 90% reached the end user. Projects were completed and with quality. Now things have gone to another level - private or public sector. It's the nature of society we live in.

Open mouths and sky high bellies outnumber the lean and hungry ones keen for a spot of work for the valuable roti or two.

sunny said...

I read about it in the newspaper today. The descriptions of the place were horrendous!

Unknown said...

Sanya, this comparison between the two came into my mind randomly (just as most thoughts do)...

SB, thought provoking comment (as usual). But I might add that it is the responsibility of those entrusted with such projects to ensure that these rats and worms do not exceed their 10% quota. It's not easy... but it has to be done. If you cannot do it, then why take up the responsibility?

Sunny, I am sure the descriptions must have been horrendous. But the problem I have with media is that I have lost my faith in them. I do not deny that the facilities were bad... really very bad, but I am sure that the media has once again exceeded their capacity by using over-the-top descriptions.