Monday, September 20, 2010


Have a look at Cricinfo's most popular searches at the top right corner circled in red... not surprising, is it?


ali said...

he he he
this is ur best post ever

sunny said...

The time has come when people have become actually interested in Butt. The bastard knows well how to get famous, doesn't he?

Sorry for not being around Sridhar, but just being a victim of the study dictatorship these days. It's unfair. :(

Unknown said...

Study Dictatorship! I get it!

I am suffering from the same these days. In fact, I will have to be taking a break from blogging in November for the same.

But good to see you back again!

Sanya - England Cricket Blog ( said...

lol. As if Pakistani cricket hadn't been spoiled enough. It's on the verge of being banned. They couldn't host matches in Pakistan and now won't be able to host in England either. All because of stupid Ijaz Butt.