Thursday, November 25, 2010


I am free at last... and it's good to be back at the blogosphere a few hours before the start of what promises to be a very close tussle for the Ashes. I have been looking forward to the Test cricket on offer this December for quite a few months now...

Two BIG tours in the southern hemisphere (England in Australia and India in South Africa) sounds a heartily enthralling prospect... especially for someone like me who had to sacrifice almost all cricket played in November for examinations. Now that they are over, it's just going to be cricket, cricket and more cricket till the results are out in January.

I did catch bits and pieces of the Indo-NZ series (a bit of Harbhajan's batting, Martin's devastating spell, a part of Dravid's 191 and finally saw an able spinner bowling in India after a long time in the form of Daniel Vettori). Then there were also a few overs that I caught up with during Chris Gayle's triple... and I thought he was once bored of Test cricket!

But all that's done and over now. In just a little over 3 hours, Ponting and Strauss will be watched by millions as they walk out for the toss... and will thereby mark the start of 2010-11 Ashes. Can't wait!


sunny said...

Welcome back Sridh! They've welcomed you back with an awesome first day of the Ashes already! :)

Unknown said...

Yes it was brilliant... Siddle was the last one I'd have expected to be the hero on Day 1 (or maybe second to last... after Xavier Doherty), but there he was, getting almost 7.

Day 1 was definitely worth the loss of my precious sleep. I hope the next 24 days are just as good.

Sanya - England Cricket Blog ( said...

Ya Gayle did say, something like "Chris Gayle won't mind if Test cricket ends, may be Andrew Strauss wil." It's weird that 2 batsmen with great strike rate - Sehwag and Gayle flourish in Tests. Sehwag's average in one-day is about 33 I think. And now that you are free, enjoy! At least 1st Ashes Test has lived upto its expectations.

Unknown said...

Sanya, these two men (Sehwag and Gayle) can play a big knock... they have the stamina to do it and absorb all the associated pressure. Hence, their success!

There are other big hitters as well, who have been failures in Test cricket... Shahid Afridi being the prime example.

Sehwag said at the recent ICC Cricket Awards that you need a different kind of energy for Test cricket. To field for 5 sessions and then come out and bat as an opener in 10 minutes is a challenge... and he enjoys it.

The weird thing is that Gayle has stated he does not enjoy it... yet he's become quite good at it!