Monday, November 1, 2010


Regular visitors to this blog may have noticed that the number of posts on this blog has come down quite a bit over the last 2 months (September and October) as compared to the earlier ones. The reason is that I have a very important examination coming up just after Diwali (which is on 5th) and it will stretch for a fortnight.

So, this is my last blog for the next 3 weeks... I will not be watching the rest of the Pakistan - South Africa ODIs (I have to say though that after Razzaq's knock today, this feels like a greater loss than I had earlier imagined), the Australia - Sri Lanka ODIs and the India - New Zealand Tests (though I'll keep track of the scores and results of all these fixtures).

I intend to return to the blogosphere by 24th or 25th November... in time for the start of the Ashes (this has been my silver lining on a rather dark cloud). There is no way that I will be missing the first ball to be bowled at Gabba on 25th November.

I know I'll have a lot of catching up to do when I return... especially with 3 Tests scheduled in India, and Sachin Tendulkar in such a roaring form. Just hoping that this form continues...

So then, till the Ashes... ciao!


Soulberry said...

Good Luck for the exams my friend, but keep an inteest always at hand.

Hope to see you back again.

Wes playforcountrynotforself said...

I wish you all the best!

straight point said...

best wishes for the exam as well as diwali... keep hooked... :)

Freehit said...

Good luck buddy !!

Unknown said...

Thank you Soulberry, Wes, SP and Freehit!

Don't worry, SB... the interest will always remain at hand... just hoping it does not get too out of hand ;)

sunny said...

Best of luck for your exams Sridh!

And yeah, a bit of cricket during the studies is never a bad thing. ;)

Unknown said...

Good to tell about intend to return to the blogosphere by 24th or 25th November,also this post is great.


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