Tuesday, March 9, 2010


For all the SRT fans like me out there, here is a Cricinfo article you ought to read. It's brilliant in content, it's brilliant in character.

The article mentions that Sachin scored a 33-ball 78 in a Mumbai Indians practice match at the Bombay Gymkhana ground. A 33-ball 78! What's wrong with this man! He hit 5 sixes and 10 fours - that's 70 of his 78. Isn't he just a month and a half away from 37? And all of this must have been without a sightscreen behind the bowler's arm!

Looking at the way Sachin is blazing away, are we looking at a Mumbai Indians' year this IPL? After all, Twenty20 is one form of cricket that allows individual brilliance to rule game over a team performance. And we all do know about the brilliance of this man. It's almost unparalleled!

I am certainly keeping my fingers crossed for MI triumph in what could possibly be the Little Master's last shot at Twenty20 cricket.

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Varun karad said...

Sachin is gonna kick ass.. cant wait for IPL