Thursday, March 18, 2010


I am not an expert on colours... so I have absolutely know idea how will a combination of orange and purple will look. Jacques Kallis from Royal Challengers Bangalore might be the one to find out soon.

Kallis is already holding the Orange cap in IPL 2010, having scored 154 runs (before the ongoing match against RR) without being dismissed. He has also taken 3 wickets (including his 2 in the ongoing game against RR). The current purple cap holder, Chaminda Vaas, has 5 (just 2 more).

I wonder what will happen if he is on top of both the tables. He can't be wearing 2 caps!

Nevertheless, Kallis is having a great run in this season so far - a testimony to the fact that truly great players of the game can play any form of the game.

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