Sunday, February 20, 2011


The 10th Cricket World Cup has kicked off... We have had India beating Bangladesh in a one-sided affair and then New Zealand gobble up Kenya in an even more one-sided affair. I'm sure that the currently ongoing Sri Lanka v Canada game will also end up being just as one-sided, despite the fact that Canadians have bowled pretty tidily in the first 9 overs.

Tomorrow, Australia play Zimbabwe at Motera, Ahmedabad. At first sight, it looks to be another one-sided unimportant game on the itinerary... and it might well be just that! But if you are a passionate Indian cricket fan wanting to see India win this World Cup, support Zimbabwe with all your might! This is the most important game for India's World Cup chances!

Let me explain. Zimbabwe beat Australia in their opening match of the 1983 World Cup... it was June 9, 1983. Just 16 days later, India had won that World Cup. Fast forward now... 24 years later, Zimbabwe beat Australia again in the inaugural World Twenty20 Championships in 2007 (September 12th) by 5 wickets to kick off their campaigns. Again, just 12 days later, India had won that World Championship!

Now in 2011, both teams will again be kicking off their campaigns against each other on February 21st. If Zimbabwe can beat Australia tomorrow, we don't have to worry at all about India's chances. Come April 2, Team India will be smiling at Wankhede Stadium, Mumbai.

However, if Australia get the better of Zimbabwe, then Indian team will have to defy history to win this World Cup. History states that India has never won a World Cup in any form of the game where Australia have not been beaten by Zimbabwe. Can we do it this time?


Golandaaz said...

good one :-)

Unknown said...

Thank you, Gol! ;-)

Soulberry said...

Good catch that! Jaju saheb, it's time to displace Bejan Daruwalla! :)

Just kidding...Zimbabwe beating Australia would be a huge favour for India, no doubt about it, but my fear is India have been beaten by Zimbos in the last two mutual encounters.

Unknown said...

SB, come one, lets be fair! It was almost India 'A' that was beaten by Zimbabwe back then. I mean the captain of that Indian team has no place in the current XI. This India is definitely too big for the Zimbabweans to handle.

And by the way, not Bejan Daruwalla, no way! He makes predictions... I am just placing hope on Zimbabwe beating Australia, and as a result, the universe conspiring to make India win!

Govind Raj said...

Here we go Shridhar,

More please, we can hold on to any of them till the Team is knocked out or say...

I told you so ! in the end :-)

Coming to Zimbabwe beating India, there were some factors behind that series.

1] Zimbabwe played both matches against India under afternoon Sun. Every match ended in the series with the team batting first losing. In the final Zim lost to Lanka after they batted first.

2] Indian bowling wasn't even 'A'. It was a 'C' Team.

3] It was an experiment by India and it did yield some positives.

And finally...

If India have to win, they have to beat history on more counts. Aussies are in great ODI form and will thrash Zimbabwe for sure.

Unknown said...

Govind, even if Australia do beat the Zimbabweans, I'm hoping it won't be a "thrashing".

Quite seriously, I am hoping and expecting a good performance from this Zimbabwean squad with their army of spinners.

Nishant said...

We Indians have a knack off picking up on coincidences to see that India wins :)
Good spot though