Friday, February 25, 2011


Imran Tahir made a dream international debut for South Africa by picking up 4 West Indian wickets as his team made a winning start to their World Cup 2011 campaign.

I happened to land up on Imran Tahir's profile page on Cricinfo by mistakenly clicking on his name instead of Darren Bravo's on the list of "Popular Searches". But when I did see the number of major teams that he has played for, "Nomad" is the first word that crept up in my mind. Have a look for yourself:


sunny said...

I never noticed.
Makes me feel kind of better; he must have plenty of knowledge about many batsmen around.

Unknown said...

I wouldn't know what knowledge he has of other batsmen around... but he definitely has a lot of knowledge of what to do with the ball in his hand.

It will be interesting to watch him play against India at Nagpur. The batsmen will look to attack him... and when a good player of spin looks to attack a leggie, there are few more fascinating contests!