Tuesday, February 1, 2011


This is quite a weird co-incident... but thanks to this, it has come to my notice. India has been in four World Cup semifinals and New Zealand in five World Cup semifinals. India has never reached the semifinals when New Zealand have managed to do so, and New Zealand have never reached when India have managed the same.

The above table also shows that these two teams have been following an alternate routine in respect of World Cup semifinals appearances since 1987. Since New Zealand did reach the semifinals last time in 2007, so now we know whose turn it is this year!


Govind Raj said...

This is just the beginning...

We will have 2011 theories to support the belief that India will win the WC this time ! We thrive on coincidences !

Delicious all the same :-)

Nishant said...

Come to think of it, India & South Africa have also been alternating in reaching the World Cup semis since 1992.
So India should make it to the semis at least this time around :)

Unknown said...

You are quite right Nishant! And in fact, since SA's readmission into cricket, India's record stands as thus:

1992: Before Semis
1996: Semi - finals
1999: Before Semis
2003: Finals
2007: Before Semis
2011: Champions??? What do you reckon?

My word, what all I do to cling on to hopes for India's success! You are right Govind... we thrive on coincidences!

Govind Raj said...

Here we go...
Let's have more please :-)