Thursday, March 17, 2011


For a good part of last two months, I have been getting more and more incensed by some of the decisions taken by ICC. The 10-team World Cup for 2015, defending Billy Bowden's decision of Bell non-LBW, then changing the UDRS rules again, reprimanding William Porterfield for public criticism and not acting against Graeme Swann for his share of public criticism after he had already been fined for swearing at the umpire!

But finally, ICC has taken a decision that I can support. They have decided to drop Ashoka de Silva as an umpire for some of the crucial matches coming up, and relocated him to the dead rubbers remaining. So whereas earlier he was scheduled to stand in England v. West Indies and sit as a third umpire in India v. West Indies matches, he will now stand in the Zimbabwe v. Kenya match and be the fourth official during Ireland v. Netherlands game. (Report)

Ashoka de Silva has given some shockers in this World Cup, and though some of them have been corrected by UDRS, that did not stop him from giving a howler even with the help of UDRS. I have already stated that I consider him the least elite of ICC's Elite Panel of Umpires and frankly, do not find him competent enough to be a part of it.

However, wrapped in this news was something unusual. In that news report, ICC has listed a certain Tyron Wijewardene as the third umpire for the Australia v. Pakistan match. I wonder how does he end up having this job without having officiated in a single match so far in this World Cup. We are coming to the end of league stages and an umpire who has not yet been a part of the World Cup will be officiating as a third umpire in a match between two heavyweights that would potentially decide the group toppers! WEIRD!

Oh well, I am again coming to terms with the fact that there is hardly going to be a single decision taken by the ICC that I will completely agree to! Maybe, I should run it one day... at least, that would help me avoid disagreements with myself!


Govind Raj said...

Your crusade helped at last !

Hang him they finally did !

Dean @ Cricket Betting Blog said...

It was compulsive reading for me from the moment I seen the title of the blog post.

A Shocker gone, at last.

Knowing England and how we have performed so far in this tournament, A Shocker probably would have dropped a right clanger in our favour and got us through.

Can't we have him back just for this game?

Unknown said...

Govind, I doubt it was my campaign just as I doubt they have hung him once and for all, but yes, it is a step in the right direction.

Dean, LOL! But don't be so sure of that! His shockers are also capable of resulting in early elimination of England just when they are on the brink of beating Windies. You wouldn't want that, would you? :)