Monday, May 10, 2010


It's happenned once again! South Africa, alias 'Chokers', have missed another chance to win a major ICC Trophy. It does not matter whether it is Hansie Cronje or Shaun Pollock or Greame Smith at the helm. The choking invariably happens.

Their loss has ensured a semi-final berth for England. Who'd have thought that they will be the first one to be assured of a semi-final berth amongst all the Super Eight teams (Reminder: Australia is yet to be assured of a semi-final berth, though they are a safe bet to make it through). But the bigger shock to me was that South Africa have become the first team to be eliminated from the tournament.

They were one of the pre - tournament favourites... except for their 'choking' reputation. There were the usual pre-tournament talks by their players that this time they have a better team, a good spirit... they are the 'real deal'. And the same old story... the end of the road! Considering that the next ICC tournament is to be played in the sub-continent, I think that it would be pretty safe to assume that they will have to wait for atleast a couple of more years to have another decent shot at the ICC silverware. They are increasingly resembling Arsenal FC - loads of talents, lack of results.

Pakistan have given themselves a chance to defend the trophy. It was an impressive win over the Proteas side... but they still need to pray for an English win without Kevin Pietersen for a confirmed semi-final berth. New Zealand, on the other hand, don't need to depend on prayers. They just need to beat the Poms to be through to the semi-finals for the 2nd time in the small history of this tournament.

The next 24 hours will answer a lot of questions. A lot of prayers will be answered and a lot will go unanswered. Amen!

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