Sunday, May 30, 2010


If I were Ravi Shastri, I would have said that the loss to Zimbabwe was 'exactly what the doctor ordered' for the young Indian team.

The youngsters in the Indian team have been on high pedestals for quite some time now. And the problem is... they have done nothing to deserve to be there. A bit of moderate success and lots of bucks from the cash-rich IPL has corrupted the minds of our prospective future generation of cricketers... and recent performances are bearing testimony.

I have already expressed that I was disappointed with the Indian team's losses in this World Twenty20 because it was very similar to the exit from the previous World Twenty20. When the youngsters in the team are unwilling / unable to learn from their past mistakes, it is a very sorry scenario.

What can pull them down from their high pedestal? Does a defeat in the Indian deep blue mean anything to them? Atleast an embarassing defeat like the one they were meted out a couple of days ago should mean something. They were convincingly defeated by a team who were provided proper cricketing kits by another senior rested member of their own team.

If this does cause embarassent and a desire for redemption... then the doctor would call it a 'lost case'.

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