Tuesday, May 11, 2010


This is a cricket blog... but I am a sports lover. All sports. I have already placed a countdown to the FIFA World Cup 2010 and even the Theme Song for the World Cup - Wavin' Flag (Celebration Mix) by K'Naan. And now, this blog will be about Chess.

I have just heard the news (on the Cricinfo commentary, no less) that Vishwanathan Anand has won the 12-game World Championship battle against Veselin Topalov of Bulgaria at Sofia. He was playing black (which is always a disadvantage) in the last game of the 12-game match... a game in which Topalov was expected to go aggressively for a the kill.

I haven't read the entire details of the game, but a win with a black against an opponent as tough as Topalov is always commendable... more so in a World Championship battle... all the more if it is the final game with the scores tied at 5.5 - 5.5.

Topalov had played a lot of mental games (or 'sledging' as we would have called it in cricket) before the Championship began. He had said that he will not be accepting draws and will play according to the 'Sofian' rules. He has been well answered by Vishy Anand. Even by the Sofian rules of point-scoring, Anand would have won the World Championship... by a bigger point margin at that.

When Anand lost the first match of the World Championship, I was worried... because it was reported that Anand shouldn't have lost that game. It was his mistake rather than Topalov's tactical briliance. I was worried that Topalov might have been successful in 'mentally disintegrating' Anand with his word play before the board play began.

But there you go... Anand has won it! He let his game do the talking and once again, I can proudly say: "Jai Ho"!

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