Friday, May 14, 2010


All right... that's one prediction gone wrong. Or should I say... that's another prediction gone wrong! I have been bad with my predictions about cricket matches for as long as I can remember... today was just another one.

I knew I was taking a risk in forecasting a Sri Lankan win in this semi final, considering the form of the English team coming into this match. But I went by my gut feeling which told me that England would once again be a case of 'so near yet so far'. That was not to be!

England have put in yet another convincing and highly impressive performance to storm into the finals of the World Twenty20 Championship 2010 and in doing so, they have sounded a strong warning signal to both Australia and Pakistan, more to the former. They have announced to the world that they might indeed be out to write history.

Despite my failure to correctly predict the result of the first semi final, I am still going to stick by my prediction for the second one. Australia looks way too strong for Pakistan. The men from Down Under, as I have already mentioned in one of my previous blogs, have dismissed every opposition they have met on their way to the semis. Pakistan would do well to even survive the 20 overs, let alone win.

On current form, the only batting lineup that looks good enough to be of a string challenge to the Aussie bowling attack is that of England's. So its apt that they have reached the finals... overcoming their past follies. If Australia do qualify for the finals, we will undoubtedly have the best two teams of the tournament contesting the finals.

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