Thursday, July 1, 2010


Cricket. Politics. Cricket politics. Everyone knows that ex Australian Prime Minister John Howard's nomination to be the ICC Vice - President was rejected by majority of the member nations. There are voices everywhere doing everything... justifying, crying foul, crying, rejoicing, and some even making crap noise.

Amidst all this, I have to say that I read a wonderful piece on achettup on his blog - Short Of A Length. It's a must read for those who have followed this issue regularly and it's a must read for those who haven't.

And then, I read the response of Peter Chingoka, the chairman of Zimbabwe Cricket. He gives an interesting quip to the Australian newspaper Age: The move to nominate Howard was akin to "asking me to come and edit the Melbourne Age without any experience in the journalism industry".

I really have nothing to say much to or about John Howard. But yes, even in my opinion, Sir John Anderson from New Zealand would have been a better nomination. For now, I am just content in waiting and watching how this circus pans out.


sunny said...

I personally prefer to stay spectator in this issue as well. Never lived in Australia, never known Howard, so not in a state to comment.:)

Unknown said...

Well sunny, most of those who have a view on this have also never lived in Australia or known Howard...

It's a way of life... everyone has a view on everything! What do you think blogs are for!?

sunny said...

Yeah, that's true, but in this case my comment will be oozing bias!