Saturday, July 24, 2010


Its inches away now... the win for Pakistan! The long awaited win for Pakistan over Australia... and its neither in Pakistan nor in Australia, it is going to happen in England! So now we know where Pakistan might want to organise all of its future 'home' matches till the security situation in Pakistan improves!

Pakistan thoroughly deserve this win... and in my opinion, they deserved a series win! Because they had the better bowling unit... more suited to excel in the playing conditions than their opponents. It was the inexperience and the resulting immaturity in batting that led to their downfall in the first Test, not to mention the less-than-inspired leadership of their former 'Test' captain Shahid I-Can't-Play-Test-Cricket Afridi.

This has been a wonderful start to the Test captaincy stint of Salman Butt. But after this win, I am afraid, the expectations from him will sky-rocket! More pressure... that's the last thing he needed!

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sunny said...

I'm so glad for the Stanis myself. It would have been terrible hadn't they won this Test.

And btw, my post about Watto is out!