Thursday, July 8, 2010


I received this extremely weird forwarded email some time back... I don't know how many of you have read this.

Brazil won a FIFA World Cup in 2002. They had also won in 1962. 2002 + 1962 = 3964.
Brazil won a FIFA World Cup in 1994. They had also won in 1970. 1994 + 1970 = 3964.
West Germany won a FIFA World Cup in 1990. They had also won in 1974. 1990 + 1974 = 3964.
Argentina won a FIFA World Cup in 1986. They had also won in 1978. 1986 + 1978 = 3964.

Going by the magic number of 3964, the winner of 2010 FIFA World Cup should be the same as the champion of 1954. In 1954, it was West Germany. So this time again, the number of 3964 is going to fail... just as it failed in 1998 and 2006.

1998 Champions were France, while 1966 Champions were England.
2006 Champions were Italy, while 1958 Champions were Brazil.

But if we take it that this formula will hold true for the next World Cup, then you can place your bets for the 2014 Champions... Uruguay (they won in 1950). And the Champions in 2026 and 2030 will be Italy... followed by Uruguay again in 2034. That's it! Can't predict any further as the formula will become obsolete then.

So now you know whom to place your bets on in the future!

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