Thursday, July 15, 2010


I read a couple of articles by Kartikeya on the blog "A Cricketing View" about the latest Elbowgate incident involving Australian captain Ricky Ponting and Pakistani pacer Mohammed Aamer at Lord's. I must say that they are very well written and well researched articles on this issue and by far the best amongst all those that I have read so far. (Link to Article 1 and Link to Article 2).

I just want to quote this part from the first article: "Chris Broad has officiated a number of Australia games. During these games, with one notable exception - Ricky Ponting was fined 100% of his match fee was dissent and verbal abuse in an ODI game in September 2006, Broad has not found it necessary to fine any Australia player over 25% of his match fee. During this same period, Broad has routinely levied fines of over 40% to other senior, distinguished players, for similar offences - conduct contrary to the spirit of the game and the players status and dissent and verbal abuse being the most common. Any effort to identify consistency in Broad's decision making fails. You could argue that every incident is unique, but the only pattern that emerges is that Broad takes a systematically more sympathetic view of Australian misdemeanors than he does of others misdemeanors. Note that this does not include instance like this one, in which he completely ignored the extended elbow."

To all those who have been following the latest Elbowgate incident, these articles are a must read.

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