Sunday, July 11, 2010


Uruguay is losing the 3rd place playoff match of the FIFA World Cup 2010 against Germany 3-2 in the 89th minute... but irrespective of the result, I must say that the second goal of Uruguay scored by Diego Forlan was amongst the best I have seen.

Scoring on the volley that hit the ground before crashing into the back of the net, Forlan notched up his 5th goal of the World Cup... the top tally in this event, alongside David Villa, Wesley Sneijder and Thomas Muller.

And, oh my God! 90 + 2', Forlan takes the last free kick of the match from the edge of the penalty box and beats the wall and the keeper only to see the Jabulani ball hit the woodwork before referee blows his full time whistle.

Germany are the 3rd team at this World Cup, having beaten Uruguay 3-2. But make no mistake, Forlan is a true champion! He gave a champion's performance at this World Cup... and had that free kick gone in to make it his 6th goal, he would have certainly deserved his lead in the race for the Golden Boot.

The penultimate match of the FIFA World Cup 2010 has ended and by this time tomorrow, the Waka Waka World Cup winner would most likely be decided. There have been some amazing moments as well as some disgraceful ones... as it happens in every bug sporting event. But one thing's for sure: the first football World Cup to be held in Africa has been a success!

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