When someone talks of the Hero Cup semifinals between India and South Africa (1993), people immediately think of that last over bowled by Sachin Tendulkar that helped India win the match. Well, I don't!

My mind goes a little further back to the first innings when Kapil Dev was run out after slipping on the turn. That is the first piece of cricketing action that I ever remember watching in my life. I don't remember anything else from that match... not even the last over. I was 5 then.

The next bit of cricket that I remember is the one that took place during the 1996 World Cup hosted by India, Pakistan and Sri Lanka. That was the first cricket tournament I followed diligently... and since then, my passion for cricket has never looked back.

Obviously after watching Sachin Tendulkar's exploits with the bat during that World Cup, I did want to become a cricketer. But when I realised that my batting, at best, could be compared to that of Venkatpathy Raju's, I decided to become a bowler. And then I realised even sooner that my bowling skills were worse than my batting skills. So the only thing that I take solace in is that I was a very good fielder right through school and college, one of the very few who did not mind a lot of running or diving, with a "good accurate throw". As far as I can remember, I have dropped just one catch in my short cricket playing career (I try not to think of the fact that that particular drop cost our team the match, and our opponents eventually went on to the tournament)!

After realising that playing cricket is not my cup of tea, I put in all my enthusiasm in following cricket. Every possible piece of cricket! I have stayed up at 2 a.m. to watch the highlights of Bangladesh v. Canada match during the 2003 World Cup because Canada had won that match by 60 runs.

The start of CRIC - SIS

I learnt through my teens that my passion for cricket exceeds that of an average Indian cricket fan (that's saying a lot, mind you!) and so I always wanted to do something about it... just didn't know what to do! I had written articles about cricket and sports in general in school magazines and my comments had appeared a few times on Cricinfo live commentary. But that was hardly satisfying!

And then I read
this article from Harsha Bhogle (I idolise him quite a bit, though he is NOT my favourite commentator). He wrote that some of the best cricket analyses he had read came from the blogs that intelligent people right.

That was the kick I needed. That article came on Cricinfo on 22nd January 2010. A day later, on 23rd January 2010, I wrote my first ever blog. CRIC - SIS was born!

The name CRIC - SIS

Don't ask me about the name, please! A few of my friends have asked me why this name, and I am sure they don't believe that I am being honest with my answer. Please believe me guys when I say that there is no reason at all behind this name. I just picked a name randomly... thought "Cricket's Crisis" sounded like a good alliteration... and just compressed it to CRIC - SIS. That's that!

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SL said...

nice blog

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I can gift it to you , complete with synopsis and material for an author interview if you like.

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Stuart Larner