Thursday, March 31, 2011


Here are a few snapshots from the Mother of All Games India v. Pakistan semi-finals at Mohali of the ICC Cricket World Cup 2011 on 30th March 2011. All photos taken from Cricinfo (except for the first screenshot of my tweet).
This is what I had tweeted 2 and a half hours before the match began...
... and that (and a little more) is exactly what Mr. Shastri went on to say!

If you think that the cameraman wanted to capture India's No. 10 with the two PMs in one shot, think again! He wanted to capture the face above SRT's left ear in the same shot with the two PMs

Discussing the script of a new movie called "Saat Chances Maaf!"
Uhhh... Errr... can't quite understand how they ended up in this tangle!
The best... Here is what Cricinfo's caption reads: "Suresh Raina inexplicably holds Munaf Patel and Virender Sehwag aloft after Abdul Razzaq's dismissal"...