Thursday, June 10, 2010


South Africa have won a delayed loss... and as the captains walk back to their respective dressing rooms, the rain has returned and no one knows when the First Test of their away series against West Indies will commence.

Cricinfo commentary says that the weather forecast for the next 3 days is not too good either... so I was just wondering, do they have televisions with all the sports channels in the dressing rooms? If they do, the teams wouldn't mind the rain one bit... they will get the chance to watch the FIFA World Cup 2010 that commences tomorrow at Johannesburg, South Africa.

As far as the West Indies side is concerned, the persistent rain might just help them gain a draw in this bilateral series that has been nothing but embarrassing. They just don't seem to have the power to budge a strong South African side... a side that can run you over in any series / tournament that is not an ICC event.

Whatever! Lets just hope that even if this match ends up as a stalemate, we get to see some quality cricket!

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Soulberry said...

Windies plan to emulate what Zimbos are doing in limited overs. They feel Saffers are ripe for the plucking. May be in for a nasty shock though...and anyway Zimbos have been working diligently on a line and happened to also come across a hotch-potch team.