Saturday, June 12, 2010


Didier Drogba is racing against time to be fit for the opening game of Ivory Coast against the World No. 3 Portugal side, which includes a certain Christiano Ronaldo... who would want to show some of the flair that he oft showed in the Manchester United red, now in the Portuguese red.

But more on Portugal later... spare a thought for Ivory Coast. They have their main striker unfit and unsure whether he will play their opening fixture against the World No. 3. As if this was not enough, they play their next match against none other than the World No. 1 Brazil. They are the best hope amongst the African nations to make an impact in the tournament... but then they had the ill fate of being a part of the Group of Death.

And the story does not end here. After an easier fixture against the North Koreans, if Ivory Coast does manage to qualify for the next round, there is a very strong chance that they will meet the World No. 2 side Spain in the Pre - Quarterfinals.

So one thing is certain: if Ivory Coast does manage to reach the Quarterfinals, they would have either been extremely lucky or they would have played the best football of their life!

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