Saturday, June 19, 2010


Shahid Afridi has won the toss and decided to that Pakistan will bat first against India at Dambulla in the 4th match of the Asia Cup 2010.

There's hardly been a build - up to this match... the FIFA World Cup is grabbing all the media bytes. Rooney's words into the camera are being shown more often than Dhoni practicing in the nets on news channels. It's weird.

It's extremely weird to see a cricket crazy nation get so engrossed in a Footbal World Cup (in which the only participants from India are performers in the Opening Ceremony and one of the sponsorers) that they seem the least interested in a India - Pakistan cricket match. In fact, I have even come across a few who did not know that India was to play Pakistan today till they saw the newspapers do a preview today.

And there were another kind: those who didn't know that India is currently playing in a cricket tournament! What on earth is wrong! India's performance in recent times has not been too inspiring... but when Indians do not know or are uninterested in following an Ind - Pak cricket match, something is definitely wrong!

A win here for India will get a few more fans to support the team... and a few more eyeballs into cricket. Considering that there have been a few upsets at FIFA World Cup and some of the favourite teams like England, Spain and France are struggling to qualify for the Pre - Quarterfinals, this might be the best chance for cricket to cash in!

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