Sunday, June 6, 2010


Tamim Iqbal has hit a purple patch. At 21, the purple patch seems to have come a bit too soon for him. He is already his country's second-highest Test century scorer (1 behind the Most Talented and Under-Performing Youngster Mohammed Ashraful).

Comparisons have been drawn with the Indian opener Virendra Sehwag... and given Tamim's style of batting, it is a fair comparison. But it is far too early to call him the next Sehwag of Test cricket. Tamim has gotten into the habit of falling after reaching his 100... Sehwag, instead, has a habit of going on after getting to a 100. Sehwag has hit 3 scores of 290+ (including 2 triple-centuries). Tamim has a miles to go for that feat to ever happen.

But in Tamim, Bangladesh have unearthed a talent that can find a way in many World XIs based on current form. With Shakib Al Hasan, their captain, Bangladesh have two genuinely world-class Test players. And in the likes of Mushfiqur Rahim and Mahmadullah, they have some good street-fighters.

For India, the follow up of the work done by Sehwag is handled by a middle order of Rahul Dravid, Sachin Tendulkar and VVS Laxman... While Bangladesh cannot hope of having such big names in their team sheets at any time in the near future, they needs players who have the desire and the ability to make it big on the world stage... if not that big!

In Ashraful, they have a wasted talent! They do need to look beyond him now... stagnation just does not help! Bangladesh cricket fans will be praying to their Gods that Tamim Iqbal does not go the same way as Mohammed Ashraful... a lot of promise early in the career... never to deliver after that!

Tamim does look a good find for Test cricket... and I hope he is handled well by the Bangladesh set up. They will do well to remember that Sehwag was once dropped from the Indian team... and when he came back, he's been a rejuvenated force.

So if there does come a time when Tamim needs to be dropped, they should do it. Just sticking on to him, like they have done with Ashraful, will just harm them as well as the player more.

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greyblazer said...

The good thing with Tamim is he doesn't think about what the so called experts say about him playing on the up and having no footwork though they forget that he has great balance and must have a great eye. His pull of one leg is reminiscent of Greenidge at his best.Sakib though played a poor shot