Wednesday, June 23, 2010


Eoin Morgan, you beauty! Another brilliant finish... and Morgan's now scored an ODI century against the mighty Australians at Rose Bowl. No mean feat that! And to top it all, it was a match-winning century... guiding his team to the finish!

Eoin Morgan is some talent! A lot of people talk about his switch from Ireland to England. I am of the opinion that allowing such switches might harm cricket in the long run. It will hinder the development of smaller cricketing nations... and will stagnate the game... not allowing it to grow!

But then I also wonder... had Morgan continued playing for Ireland, would we have seen him play such delightful knocks? Certainly, he would not have had a shot at Test cricket. He might have just been awarded the Best Associate Player by ICC... and it would have ended there. The switch to England was in his best interests... for his development as a cricketer.

However, it does not end here. To really justify this switch, he must do a lot more for English cricket! He must play well consistently over a longer period of time. He has had a tremendous last few months... but the purple patch will not last forever. He is bound to be pulled back. There will come the troughs! Then, he could become the next Ed Joyce and disappear from the English setup... thinking of a return to Irish cricket. Or he can overcome those moments and emerge bigger and better.

A lot of talent in every field is wasted because talent in itself is not enough. The ability to rise from your darkest hours is what marks you as different from the rest of the field. That is what separates the man from the boys. Does Eoin Morgan have it in him? Only time will tell if this boy can mature into a man...

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