Wednesday, June 9, 2010


Crooked decision, Billy!
Bangladesh put up a very good fight against England. They took the First Test till tea on Day 5, albeit with the help of weather. It was an extremely impressive performance. The Second Test was not as good for them. The batting collapse in Session 3, Day 2 and then on Session 1, Day 3 finished off the match for them.

However, I was wondering what might have happened had Bangladesh gotten just 4 more runs in their 1st innings. With 4 more runs, they would have avoided the follow on... and they would have gotten a chance to bowl under the overcast conditions on 3rd morning.

Now, I never really expected the likes of Shahadat Hossain or Shafiul Islam to cause the kind of damage that James Anderson, Steven Finn and Ajmal Shahzad caused on that day... But Bangladesh would have been in with a shot to atleast get the match extended to the 4th day... maybe even the 5th if the weather helped.

And had Tamim clicked in the 2nd innings, they would have also fancied chances of going for a win. So many ifs... all because Billy Bowden's crooked finger gave a crooked LBW decision in favour of Swann. Billy, your decision robbed us of a fight!

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half-tracker said...

I felt very sorry for the Bangladeshis that game, they were unlucky to suffer at the hands of Billy, who so often gets things spot on. It would have been very interesting to see what would have happened if the follow-on was avoided - The conservative Strauss would have wanted England to get a 420 run lead, so Bangaldesh may not have started batting again until the afternoon session of day 4. It wouldn't have changed the result but it would certainly have brought in some extra revenue!