Wednesday, June 2, 2010


The venue shifts to Harare as India take on the hosts Zimbabwe... seeking revenge for the humiliation meted out to them in the first game of the tri - series. In another part of the world, West Indies will seek to salvage some pride by trying to beat the South Africans in the 5th ODI to be held at Port of Spain.

The Sulieman Benn incident left me completely muddled... I mean, have you ever heard of anything like this before? I was never ordered out of a cricket game even in school... even though I was pathetic. This was a top-flight One Day International! What's wrong with the West Indies? Is this the same team that was once represented by the likes of Gary Sobers, Viv Richards, Clive Lloyd and other men who gave it their all for the team and their captain?

I pity Chris Gayle's situation. He is a man with capability of being a part of most top international teams. Sadly though, he does not have many such men at his disposal. He may get a once-in-a-while exceptional performance from the likes of Dwayne Bravo, but that's about it. The likes of Ramnaresh Sarwan and Shivnarine Chanderpaul are also not as consistent as they used to be... and the biggest problem is that when one man performs, the others fail. They just don't seem to remember how to click together as a team.

I do have a suggestion... totally mad though it may seem! DISBAND THE WEST INDIES!

Why do all the islands have to play under the banner of the West Indies Cricket Board? All the other teams play for the pride of representing their nation... what do the Carribbean cricketers play for? Pride of what? The pride of Carribbean cricket's rich past seems to have been sadly forgotten and swept deep under the carpet.

I had this idea when I saw Trinidad and Tobago perform admirably in the inaugual edition of Champions League Twenty20 last year. They played with a fervour that was possibly better than that shown by the World Champions England last month! And I guess that it was because they were playing for their country... with their countrymen. They didn't have to compete for  their spots with other nationalities and also suffer problems with a cricket board that governs cricket in several countries!

If Trinidad and Tobago or Barbados or Jamaica or even St. Lucia or St. Kitts represented themselves in international cricket instead of representing the West Indies, I believe it would do a lot of good for the game. They may not be world beaters straight away... but I feel it will encourage the growth of cricket in that region. The politics will reduce drastically and the competition will be a lot healthier.

And to top it all, it will also help if cricket is to be represented in events such as Olympics. West Indies cannot win a medal... but Barbados certainly can.

I don't know if anyone has thought of this idea before or if it is going to be implemented any time soon... but I really do think it is worth a shot! Simply because, the current situation seems completely hopeless... there is simply no light at the end of a tunnel! And when you see a glow there, it just turns out to be an oncoming train!

Something's got to be done... and something's got to be done fast!


Freehit said...

Hey Shridhar,
I think you are partly right,because different islands playing under West Indies isn't really helping their cause.However,some of the islands are so small,that they are insufficient of making international teams themselves,which probably is the reason why they are still together.
Nice blog by the way.
Mayank Jhaveri

Unknown said...

Hi Mayank, welcome to the blog!

I know that some of the island nations are too small to have a cricket team... but one has also got to be practical. The smaller islands have hardly contributed genuinely talented cricketers to the West Indies setup, in any case.

If disbanding the West Indies can help improve the quality of cricket in the larger islands, it might turn out to be a good move. The smaller ones can always be included in their domestic setup.

Freehit said...

Hi again
Hmm,I get your point Shridhar.But,I don't its going to happen.
Anyways,do checkout my blog and tell me how it is.