Tuesday, June 15, 2010


Cricinfo is carrying this news article containing excerpts from Sachin Tendulkar's interview in London to mark 30 years of NatWest involvement in English cricket. In the comments section to that article, I saw this one very interesting comment from Satish.V: "If we look at the past few world cups, there is a pattern which stands out.Since the 1987 WC, India have always done well at alternate WCs. 1987- SF, 1992-First Round,1996-SF,1999-Super Six,2003-Final,2007-First Round, 2010-?? ."

I had never thought of this before. And it got my mind racing... If you have a look at the 'successful' World Cups, you will see semifinals in 1996 and a step better in 2003 - the finals. So, in 2011, it should be Champions! But then you could also look at it this way:
1987 - Semis
1996 - Semis
2003 - Finals
2011 - ?? (maybe finals again followed by a win in 2019 and 2027... that is, if ODIs survive till then)!

How I, like millions of others, would love to see Sachin retire from cricket after having won the World Cup for India. After the 2008 Chennai Test that Sachin helped win for India against England, which was played just after the 26/11 Mumbai attacks, Kevin Pietersen, the then England captain, had wondered who writes SRT's scripts.

If he does win the World Cup, it will be certain that God writes his scripts!

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