Thursday, June 10, 2010


The new KP (Kieron Pollard) blasted another match - winning Twenty20 innings for a team that is not called West Indies. He bowled a more than handy 3 for 26 in his 4 overs before coming out to bat and blast away 89* (48 balls, 7 fours, 7 sixes) to help his team Somerset blow away the challenge from Middlesex.

Thank God the English teams are not participating in the Champions League Twenty20 2010 to be held in South Africa. I have nothing against the English teams... but if Somerset qualified for the tournament, and if Trinidad and Tobago repeated their last year's feat to qualify once again for the tournament... that would mean Kieron Pollard could play for 4 teams in the tournament.

He is already qualified to play in the Champions League as a part of either Mumbai Indians or South Australian Redbacks. If it remains just these two, Mumbai Indians is more likely to use his services in South Africa (cash, man!) over the Redbacks. Somerset will not feature. Now, it remains to be seen if Trinidad and Tobago qualify. If they do, Pollard will have a choice to make. To play for his country or for a cash - rich club.

Playing for Trinidad and Tobago last year shot him into fame and resulted in him becoming the globally sought after cricketer in this version of the game. And considering the enthusiasm that the island nation team showed last year in their cricket, there is a good chance that KiPo may choose country over club. He may not be performing well for West Indies... but that is not his country! His country... his team... that is Trinidad and Tobago.

It remains to be seen now who will win the battle to acquire his services... cash or country (i.e. if the country does qualify)?

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half-tracker said...

I think T&T have qualified too! The WICB still haven't got a 20/20 domestic tournament running again so T&T are through by default!